Delivering Energy Efficiently



Our Vision

Our vision seeks to provide a solution based approach to our clients and our industry – to sustain and improve our electrical infrastructure; and our aspiration to be a GREAT company.

To achieve our vision, we must collaborate with clients at a high level – which requires a level of trust and intimacy; and be creative problem solvers within Cogent, and with clients.

Our value system places a very high importance on respect to all people, transparency and a commitment to business and process excellence. We believe a strong, interconnected, open team gives us our best chance of success.

A collaborative spirit – both within the people and teams at Cogent, and with clients and supply partners is essential to achieving the desired business results.

Our Cogent team strives each day to perform our work in a manner that is consistent with our beliefs and value systems. We believe that this authentic orientation gives us the best chance of realizing our vision and our goals; and aligns closely with our purpose in a positive and principled manner.

Ours is to be a business that focuses on achieving process and product excellence, and a high level of connection, engagement and building positive relationships with the people that we touch. We apply a lean thinking approach to continuous improvement and process mastery.