Delivering Energy Efficiently

Lean Trusted Advisor

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Lean Trusted Advisor

Over the past ten years, we have learned that the concepts and principles of Lean are something that become clearer the more we use them and the more that they are studied and applied. It is a long journey.

For us, Lean is a path that creates value for clients using the least amount of all resources.

We took the leap of faith that implementing a Lean management system and culture would improve our company’s performance and results, and give us the best chance of creating a sustainable future and realizing our goals. It has been a great journey so far, and the way we see things and think today is fundamentally different¬†than it was in 2004. We have generated some great improvement stories; improved understanding of what our client’s value, improved manufacturing and safety performance – as examples. All as a result of a strong commitment from our work teams to change and improve.

Creating a level of relationship with clients at a B2B level that is based on a high level of trust, intimacy, and reliability – where Cogent is a technical, industry, and business advisor. At the more mature level, Cogent is trusted to be a strategic ally with clients, sharing and joining our visions and business plans.

A Trusted Advisor has earned the right to be an influential business partner. With this responsibility comes an advanced industry perspective, and the capacity to look at situations in a holistic way. We seek to be trusted advisors to clients, strategic suppliers and business partners.

This responsibility requires a strong level of client engagement and collaboration; the capacity to adapt and be flexible to changing client needs; and establish an innovative culture and mindset to identify and take advantage of unseen business opportunities.

Trust comes from authentically focusing on client’s needs; being reliable in what we say and do; provide credible information, ideas and advice; and being open and vulnerable.

Delivering Energy Efficiently