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Special Products

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Special Products

Cogent produces and supplies a range of special components for the North American and global transformer industry. Typically produced parts are identified in the list below.  Cogent works closely with clients in all applications requiring electrical steels and magnetic materials for unique and customized applications.

Magnetic Shielding

Magnetic steel and tank liners (shield) for large power transformers that are custom-made to individual design requirements. These shields reduce tank stray losses and eliminate tank hot spots by introducing a relatively high permeability shunt path that carries stray flux.

Bonded Reactor Core Blocks

Bonded reactor core blocks maintain the dimensional consistency of components/gaps, as well as facilitate the assembly of gapped core reactors by using pre-manufactured, epoxy bonded, core block kits.

Cruciform DG Cores

Wound cores can be provided with multiple strip widths (typically 2 or 3), where a round or elliptical coil profile is necessary.

Delivering Energy Efficiently