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Our People

Our People

Our people and work teams are the heart of our business, and our performance as a business. Our first purpose is to strengthen our teams, their families and communities.

Garth Josh and Vlad

We believe in several aspects to people and work culture.

Leaders at all levels are expected to be Trusted Advisors to our work teams, providing clear vision, direction and performance goals. We believe it is necessary for leaders to be highly engaged with their teams in work flows and processes, and to mentor and teach – not manage.

Our culture embraces excellence and continuous improvement. To achieve this we need to consider constant improvement to our systems, and mastering the skills with our work. We take confident steps forward, use mistakes and failures as part of the learning process.

Our people and work teams are to be trusted to do their work effectively, working towards the company’s vision and goals. The autonomy to take action, solve problems and implement improvements is required so that decisions are made closest to the work.

It is everyone’s responsibility to take needed action to solve problems, and think in terms of the whole system. This takes accountability, and take personal initiative to improve our systems, process and products.

Everyone is a leader and decision maker. Be an influencer and set a high standard of personal performance and expectation.


Collaboration is people working together to realize a common purpose or goal. It is our belief that a group of people, with unique perspectives, will create a better solution or outcome than one person alone. This approach is part of our internal, client and supply partner work teams approach.

Being open to diversity, listening to different points of view, and working through conflicts which arise from this will create new and better results. Our teams are challenged to be much better than the sum of their parts through collaboration.Adrian and Andy

A collaborative spirit seeks win-win scenarios, while achieving the optimal result and retaining or strengthening relationships and trust. Collaboration creates new insights and innovation.

A collaborative spirit and approach requires trust – both in yourself and the other members of your team. To create an environment of trust requires openness and vulnerability; an other’s orientation; personal reliability; and credibility.



Connections are at the heart of our human capacity. We are all interconnected in some way to each other, be that personally, through our work, or on our journey. A successful enterprise requires strong connections between people, who are motivated and engaged in their work, and its purpose towards a common vision.

People fully engaged and aligned with the vision and goals of the company, in pursuit of continuous improvement are the driving force behind our company. Connecting with clients is critical to establish the trust needed to become a trusted advisor, and earn the right to participate in their strategy. Leaders and work teams create amazing results when they are connected, open and in flow. Creating connections are leadership responsibilities – we are all leaders.

The biggest challenge to creating the needed connections to fulfill our dreams and vision is fear. Fear of failure, fear of making a mistake, fear of looking foolish, fear of being judged and not belonging … there are too many to mention.

Our greatest successes and victories will come out of our personal connections, and the collaboration, insight and innovation that comes from that. Our challenge is to be fearless. Courage is taking action in spite of our fears.