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Supplier of the Year

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Supplier of the Year

Over the past 18 months, we have gone through a successful supply transformation with one of our key clients, Power Partners (PPI) in the US, and are now producing 100% of all PPI’s transformer cores. PPI have traditionally produced their own transformer cores for more than 50 years, until identifying Cogent as the right partner for their outsourcing strategy. The work done with P has now created a strong model of an integrated supply chain in our industry.

In receiving the award, the highly engaged and trusted relationship was celebrated, and Cogent’s expertise and industry leading capabilities were noted as key factors in claiming the prize. Cammie Bell-Garrison, Power Partners VP of Supply Chain, stated “Cogent’s team has been an integral part of our company’s success, has demonstrated a model supply partnership, and we are a better company in working with them”.
Power Partners is one of the largest distribution transformer manufacturers in North America.

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