Delivering Energy Efficiently


Supplier of the Year

Over the past 18 months, we have gone through a successful supply transformation with one of our key clients, Power Partners (PPI) in the US, and are now producing 100% of all PPI’s transformer cores. PPI have traditionally produced their own transformer cores for more than 50 years, until identifying Cogent as the right partner for their outsourcing strategy.

Exporter of the Year Award

At the 2015 Burlington Business Awards Gala, Cogent Power Inc. received the Exporter of the Year Award. This award recognises the local company that has demonstrated strong growth in exports, and significant contributions to the local community through employment, community contributions and economic development.

Opening of Second Facility in Burlington, Canada

Cogent is delighted to announce that our second facility is officially open and in operation, as of October 1, 2015. Our incredible growth and success, which led to the construction of a 125,000 facility in Burlington, Canada, is due to the trusted advisor relationship we have nurtured with our clients, the implementation of lean at Cogent, and the united values of each of our team members.

2015 Ontario Export Award

Another award for team Cogent! On Tuesday, November 24, Cogent Power Inc. was awarded the Leadership Award at the 2015 Ontario Export Awards. The award is given to a finalist that has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and success at being an exporter. The committee has seen the wealth of knowledge and expertise that we can provide to others, and as such, has also asked Ron Harper to lead a webinar to educate other organizations on how to do so.