Delivering Energy Efficiently



Delivering World Class Service and Quality Performance

We believe that providing world class products and services, at competitive value is a foundational part of our differentiating strategy. It is not possible to earn clients’ trust, and achieve a status of a Trusted Advisor without the ability to reliably supply components and materials at a world class level. It is critical to create positive experiences with our offerings. In our pursuit of excellence, we focus on several elements to achieve continuous improvement.


Lean Thinking

The Cogent team is now in its tenth year of learning and practicing a lean way of thinking, and the related philosophies and tools associated with this mindset towards continuous improvement.


Mastering Our Work Skills

A focus on constantly improving our skills and behavioural processes, creating habits that achieve an exceptional level of human performance at the operating level; plus clear and appropriate operating work processes.


Problem Solving

The capacity to solve complex and wicked problems, considering the whole system and its connections and parts. Solving problems and taking ownership, accountability and action to achieve the desired result.