Delivering Energy Efficiently

About Us


 Our Journey

Our Cogent Team has had a fulfilling journey – growing from a small niche manufacturer of steel components from lower grades of GOES steels – to an integral part of the North American supply chain for electrical steels for power generation equipment, motors, power and distribution transformers, and specialized magnetic components. All are critical to the generation and distribution of electrical energy.

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Our success has come from focusing on client needs; and evolving and maturing our business systems/processes; and strengthening our value proposition.

Be it the development and maturing of our quality management system; the learning and application of lean thinking and its philosophy; or the transformation and development of our work teams, we continue to grow and develop our people and systems for the service of our clients and our industry. Our future is demanding and exciting, as we strengthen and develop our teams as a progressive and expansive business solutions provider.

The demand and uses of electrical energy continue to increase; our electrical supply infrastructure needs modernizing; the need for creative solutions for efficient transmission and distribution of electrical energy has never been greater.

Preserving a steady and efficient supply of electrical energy serving the requirements of our communities, businesses and people is part of our Cogent Teams’ purpose and vision. We believe we are an important part of creating sustainability in our future energy needs.

This is why our Cogent Team works with our supply chain partners towards providing solutions that improve our electrical network. We fulfill our part through the effective design and production of components and materials for electrical motors, generators and transformers that serve the needs and challenges of creating and sustaining an efficient, modern electrical generation, transmission and distribution grid.